Fire of Desire

Delve into desire
Warm within the fire
melding all the many into one
as life is spun by golden threads
of starlight seeking its completion
in the darkness of the skies of night

Revel in the feel
of all that isn't real
yet know illusions cast
become a tide of life
moving ever outward from its source
upon the course of least resistance

Open to the flow
of light and love aglow
as fire, white and wonderful, fulfills
patterns yearning, reaching out
quivering chill now seeking warmth
amid the rush of motion's quietude

Allow and then become the feel
of all you never knew you were before
Accept the future
reaching out to take your hand
as life expands in never ending waves
of vision formed before the dawn of density

Infinite, this one real point
held in stasis by the shock
of its sudden awareness
and joy, in waves, anoints its opening
as a new and loving energy
begins to sing through everything

and this desire
becomes the fire
of life itself


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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