First Encounter

A vast confusion now descends
as our first encounter ends
and duty pulls us far apart
yet still, you're here within my heart

And strong conviction enters now
for we must find a way somehow
to create the time and space we need
to nurture every seed

of the vast potential realized
as we looked into each others' eyes
This dream must become real
for these emotions that we feel

lift us to an unimagined
realm where we might understand
the basic need, so long unmet
as we searched the world, the web, the net

of patterns formed in ancient times
before celestial rhythm, rhyme
was drowned out by cacophony
composed by staid society

that seeks for power and control
yet our union makes the whole
of life, of love, of preset goals
subservient to spirit, soul

as this unconditioned feel of love
found in every moment of
our first encounter grows, evolves
and our world now revolves

around a union so complete
of love so passionate and sweet
in synchronized and endless grooves
of something so brand new

that awe replaces reasoning
for the air itself is known to sing
the song of morn in cycles of rebirth
that travels all around the earth

and then into the weave of life
traveling on rays of light
while you and I will simply be
experience encountering


? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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