Flesh and Form

Whispers turn into a moan
as raw, instinctual energy
at last becomes unleashed
a tender touch becomes a grasp
and the moan becomes
a gasp of ecstasy

this great power of desire
moisture flowing in its wake
as all we are becomes just one
within the give and take
of loving nights

and there!
a shooting star alight
with fiery delight
descends to blend in harmony
its stardust settling within
the swirl and the spin
of planets orbiting a newborn sun
that dances, glances off the moon

Just then, the breeze sings out
the most melodic tune
that's yet to be
all because the whispered voices
dared to speak and thus to free
the base desire for ecstasy
that only comes to be
of flesh and form


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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