Flight into Forever

Gray clouds hover o'er the airport
threatening in their demeanor
An early morning haze still fills my mind
I'm in another world already
and going further still
away from all I'm so familiar with

What treasure and what folly
might await on distant shores…?

Just before the plane departs
a gentle drizzle starts to fall
Raindrops scatter
on my window to the skies

I wonder if we'll drift above the clouds
to find the sun still shining there?

Thrust of engines
Boost of power
Ears popping and we rise
into the misty mounds of sky
heavy with moisture
yet still seeking to fly free

I see the world now
from a raindrop's perspective
where deep inside the darkest clouds
the world turns pure white

and within the darkness there
adrift in naught but air
glowing light attains
a peace beyond chaotic gains

Another surge of power brings
life above the clouds that weep
and there on top of all we know
like coral juxtaposed
against cerulean seas

the life I knew so well
becomes no more than mist
that weeps in me


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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