Flow of Creation

The scent of pine
permeates the atmosphere
in this forest
of the mighty redwood trees
as an autumn breeze
enlivens everything

Breathe deep
this pleasure sweet
of mother earth
for scent gives birth to memory
as nature calls us all to walk with her
upon this path to ecstasy

Feel now, the ocean breeze
fresh and salty
that will ease our every care
if we but dare to take the time
to feel the free sensation
of air and moisture interwoven
in its endless cyclic motion

Delight within the sight of open earth
as cliffs drop straight and steep
onto the sandy shores
where nothing more than vagrant motion
brings the distance to our door

Rest in silent wonder here in caves
where the swell of ocean waves
drift in and out of consciousness
alive within the womb that lies between
the height and depth of all extremes

Watch the whitecaps peak
then slowly seep into the sands
Feel the undertow that pulls
treasures of the land into the seas
of all eternity

for what is life
if not this freedom of sensation
in the flow of all creation
and in us


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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