Flying High
(California to Las Vegas)

How sad, these quick goodbyes
as distance moves again between
extreme to new extreme
and says hello
to yet one more goodbye

yet such memories, experience we wrought
traveling a path we sought
as we strolled along eternal sands
and watched great white caps
break upon the cliffs
spectacular in their immensity
yet earth is slowly worn away
by endless seas
where drops unite
becoming ocean's power
corrosive and corroding
creative and reforming

Such beauty ushered in upon the tides
patterns spun, pure white on blue
while green and gold are swirling through
visions now imprinted on the soul
mind and heart aglow
as a million dancing, sparkling sprites
greet the waters with delight
and airy fantasy

Life's greatest tragedy
comes down to this
that spirit hidden deep within might miss
the wonder and the mystery
of the awesome continuity
of life


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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