Is it just a focus then?
a lens, as some would say
filtering the pain away
and filling heart and soul
with a quality more precious
than that of jewels or of gold
enveloping a soul and thus all life
within this healing grace
that seems to have
no other face or pace
than love itself

Pure and unadulterated
prescient and yet incubated
within a greater form evolving
older yet than ancient tomes
of time that truly roams
back and forth and in between
the very dreams we dream

Arising in a mind somehow
in moments that outshine the sun
as the thought of one alone
becomes the digit and the sum
correlated, corresponding
on wavelengths so astounding
that a whole new world opens out
familiar and yet never seen before

as energy repeats
and moves in cycles
natural, this feat of spirit seeking
joining heart and mind beseeching
no more, no less
than just the love
that begins and seems to end
only to begin again

to live and grow
and thus evolve
into a spiral
mightier than I or thou
could ever be alone . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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