Following Soul

I follow my soul
who follows the flow
of love

at times it leads me
to a quiet river inn
where melodies will spin
a soothing tune
as water over rocks will flow
gurgling and softly splashing
joy unfolding
children laughing in delight

yet its been known
to take me to those other places
where misery and empty space reside
there upon another shore
where angry waves lash out
and seem to scream and shout
in raging need
thundering to crush the rock and sand
with the violence at hand

yet ever and always
it leads me back to
a place inside, of solitude
protected from the storms
of everyday
and sometimes I opt to stay
within its safety and its warmth

to regenerate and heal the wounds
of those who leave too soon
without so much as a good-bye
A solitary room
yet filled with everything I need
where I nurture still the seeds
of who I am

for I am still becoming
and I hear my heartbeat drumming
in this quiet atmosphere
as the peace of night draws near
and I settle in my favorite place to nap
for dreams will always come again
and then, once again

I  will follow my soul
wherever it goes
as it follows the flow
of my heart


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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