You had love in all its glory
and you threw it all away
for the sake of a society
that doesn't give a damn
and their propriety of roles and rules
for what would people think
if they knew the truth behind
the illusions that you spin?

Yet still you live this sham
as you tell her you love her
over and over again
even now
when your loving
has come to an end
taking love, the crowning glory
and turning it into
the epitome of lies now told

but the heart knows
and petulance grows
for love cannot be
amid such gross dishonesty

Yet you'll pretend it's ok
as time and again, you will say
it's all for the children's sake
these lies you tell
when you know full well
it's only your fear that is speaking
to keep the truth of love at bay

then you'll whine and moan
seeking sympathy
as if no one in the world
could understand
as you cringe at every reprimand
spoken in the honesty of soul

and you'll open your eyes
so wide in innocence
as if a child who never learned
the fate of those who burn
within the hell of their own making

and wonder why your deity's forsaken
your mind, your heart, the very core
of all you are
still claiming you don't know
why love has fled so far away
while projecting all your pain
on those who care

Will you ever dare
to live the truth
your soul keeps speaking?


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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