For Unity

Oh love, my love
how can I be
or ever make you see
where I have been . . . ?
for I have been through heaven's hell
and still my heart and soul live on

and yet somehow this bond
that has developed between you and I
simply refuses to let loose
so now I wander once again
within the hinterlands
of lost and lonely nights
spent all alone

seeking for some clue
of where you are
or how I might somehow
just simply draw you back to me
yet you are free to wander
where'er your soul decrees
and so I simply must let go
and let you be what you must be

hoping beyond hope
that someday you will bring
your loving heart right back to me
and that this feeling of a love sublime
will find a way to make the time
for unity

and thus this love we share
expands beyond the known
of any individuality
insisting that its life become
primary in the interest
of all time . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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