Found Deep Inside

When you refuse to cry
the tears found deep inside
who do you suppose
will feel the pain of their expression
if not the ones you love the most
lost in your night of desperation

as you show the world a smile
while all that you leave unexpressed
becomes a darkness wild
seeking only for release
yet instead oft' only finds surcease
in the peace of death and dying

while few will ever dare to roam
the depths of their demise
can it really be wise
to love them all?
when love brings this insanity
to life

Yet it seems it cannot be contained
so the poets of this life
remain within the pain of its expression
as the sorrow of all others' making
drips in silent tears
upon the window pains
of all tomorrows . . .


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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