Found In Between

When at last he faced the truth inside
a sense of horrible amazement
overcame his sensitivities
while a terrible wonder and awe
fascinated and divulged
the depth of his disparity

and waves of fear rolled into him
as he rode this everlasting tide
of high and swift emotion
even as its undertow
remorselessly impersonal
pulled him deeper in the sea

overpowering in magnitude
it drew him toward the center
inky darkness gathering round
while shadowy, these hints arose
both menacing and splendid
of a future born too soon
perhaps, to live

and there within seductive gentleness
giving power that sets matter trembling
siren-like, the waves of sound surround
moving, stirring, changing forms
in visions all around

awakening immensity
and the power of possibility
vague yet somehow meaningful
sweet but then too, terrible
light in darkness blending
in the flow of all that is

freeing mind and heart and soul
to sail this vast unknown
in god-like stance
as center and circumference
and the particles between

Listen, can you hear them sing?
echoes woven on a universal tide
like whispers in the dark of night
What message will be found that's true
between the high and low
of what we know

and there, a starlit glow
surrenders to the nighttime sky
flowing, never wondering why
it has to be this way

living life in all its splendor
shining through each sense of terror
as faith is found
beyond the ground of man's reality
and love abounds
within the grace that lies beyond
imaginings of mortal time and space


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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