Found Only at the End

I took each pain
you sent my way
and did my best
to mold it into gentleness
and the beauty of new form

while quite consistently
you delved and you divided
the beginning of each tapestry I'd spin
and bring it back to pain
the very pain of your own making

I tried to understand
and in understanding
speak of truth
while you clung to mere illusions
of your endless youth and innocence
demanding that I play the role
of your emotional defendant

You claimed to seek the wisdom
that my heart still knows as true
and I offered you a bridge
to your own heart
but you refused to take a step
or make a start

You pretended to have fortitude
even as your many moods
arose to overwhelm your common sense
when you'd seek your intellectual defense
that hid behind the blind beliefs
of a society you thought
would keep you safe

You cried in desolation
and I comforted as best I could
You raged of isolation
even as I told you that I would be there
but in the end I couldn't mend
the ills that you consistently created

and you kept sending me away
no matter that I wished to stay
you pushed and shoved and wounded me
thinking that would free you of yourself
and of the pain of your conceptions
even when I showed you
that it never could be so

yet the battles
and the wounds imposed
had tired me so
that finally I turned and walked away
to seek no more than rest and healing

Months have passed
and you have come and gone
while I have sought
and found a place
to live beyond your pain

and I know now
that I will never understand
what makes a man
want to cling to such brutality
that love becomes a casualty
within his warring nature

but I sought and still I seek
beyond the bonds of mind's belief
for truth that has a meaning
based on love
the only truth of one divine
eternal entity
that lives within beginnings
found only at the end
of all we thought we knew

for all I ever wanted
and all I truly need
is growing from one tiny seed
of love implanted in my heart
nurtured by my soul to grow
into a towering tree
that branches out into eternity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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