The Fourth Dimension


In and out of the real he drifts
seldom able to feel, he lifts
his mind up to the fourth dimension
a kind of imaged lifeís suspension

Mental forms his nourishment
ideas born, encouragement
to paint a world unlivable
to taint in unforgivable

brush strokes of ethereal source
that stoke the pretense of his course
and in imagination build
within his life so unfulfilled

relationships that never warm
the scale tips, emotion storms
and all thatís left to him is ash
his heart bereft, two worlds clash.

Denial works its magic spell
as all the while the tricks impel
belief in inconceivable
relief from worlds invisible.

The real he makes into illusion
steals the mightiest delusion
enchanting each and every friend
enacting play that never ends

and wonders why heís left alone
while under mask of friendly clone
crazed, each friendship set on stages
engaged the anger of the ages

acted out but never felt
without a doubt, in pain he dwelt
imprisoned in imagined land;
the prison formed by his own hand

Chained, unmoving and unmoved
stained with blood of those who loved
the glimmer of the truth he spoke
made dimmer when their heartstrings broke.

Unrequited love invoked
uncommitting actor spoke
in lines that without feeling died
refined in image undenied

of whispy world, his make-believe
in misty swirls unrelieved
by touch and taste of heartís compassion
too much in fear of his reactions

buried back in childhood
in chamber dark, neíer understood
where vast potential lay untouched
behind provincial roles he clutched

Never yet to come to life
his soul, beset with human strife
as he seizes role of deity
he freezes all reality

in fourth dimension, mindís relief
his own suspension of belief;
a pretense of immortal boy
in defense, image thus employed

concretized eternal youth
unrealized paradox of truth

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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