Free Flowing

Bonded by the love we share
ever closer as we dare
to live the life within the dream
to leave behind the games and schemes

To finally trust eternal truth
presented by the soul in youth
to touch, to merge, to blend, to fly
to reach the stars in nighttime sky

and so each day becomes what it must be
a living dream of hope and destiny
misunderstanding leads the way
to unity as sunlight fades away

as secrets so long held inside
become the base of worldwide
empathic bonding of the soul
and life responds to this, the greater whole

Forever is a word come true
as love envelopes me and you
Infinite the ways and means
that offer truth in waking dreams

to speak of love's infatuation
in the silence of an inclination
leading to the peak sensation
of a loving, true relation

paradox of right and wrong
now harmonizing in the song
that takes the joy of highest heights
blends with the darkness of the nights

as souls and bodies now entwine
to say what' mine is yours is mine
The joy/the sorrow, laughter/tears
in an endless flow through years and years

of an infinite and endless stream
as love flows through this waking dream

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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