Free and Unimpeded

By wiles of chance and happenstance
I've been connected all around
to everything that is
the good, the bad, the happy, sad
angelic, yes - and devilish
yet from the center, opening out
my soul's been known to take to wing
and then I fly for all I'm worth
seeking for the meaning of it all

At the best of times my life becomes
a dance that moves in rhythm
with the heartbeat of the earth
when hues of energy just swirl
with movements' repetition
but at the worst
the demons that won't be contained
escape their cage and enter in
and each demon has a name

The leader of them all is Lust
containing deep desire and mistrust
He sires all the little devils
that we think we must abide
the frustration and the want
the anger and unhappiness
and jealousy that makes us
seem to need much more and other
than that which is the most essential

There is a name to each of his degrees
and he never wants to rise
to the level of the heart
where love abides and desire becomes fire
of passion, wet and wonderful and free
that cares enough to stay
connected through a touch
of heart and mind and soul
just when the flesh can enter in untamed
fulfilling even things we never knew we needed

yet Lament stands at the border
as sorrow weeps in endless bouts of tears
to try to keep it all at bay
those little devils that dismay
just so we might live another day
in hope of reaching past the many fears
lying there in wait as we reach out
and try to be an element of our society
but a host of angels comfort her
and bring her sweet release
for we seem to call her to the task at every turn

and this insanity we live
has grown in ordered increments
for mind assumed the power long ago
and has grown in bounds and leaps
until we find we cannot keep
in touch with who we are
for its decibels just keep increasing
and serve to keep each song of harmony
from reaching to the core

as mind denies the feeling soul
and seeks unknown sensation
without knowing what lies in between
hidden in the dark of shadows
where heartbeats softly murmur
whispering of cyclic wisdom
traveling at a measured pace
and the freedom that can be

if only we stop grasping things
and take the time to see and feel
the flow that lives in every thing
as energy composes an unending symmetry
in melodies supreme
and we, a tapestry of living conduits
live wires, if you will
for every song that love would sing

if we allow a free and unimpeded flow
bridging gaps surpassed no other way
when on a mare of whitest light
with wings, and too, a golden horn
we take to flight within the skies
and beyond the darkest shadows
all that matters echoes out
to build into a symphony
of voices ringing out
within the will and power
of all heart . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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