Freedom To Move On

Wild grasses grew and blew
concealing and revealing wilderness
and all that was most natural
brought wonder and an awesome fear
to eyes that in the future's past
saw only what was near
for there was no end
to this vast eternal landscape
where distance just encompassed everything
and all that was most human
seemed to be the most unnatural of all

Silence echoed, ringing in his ears
In stillness, heartbeats echoed, oh so clear
and it seemed he dare not break
this sacred silence that he found
while, in essence, silence only rang
within the limitation of his very mortal ear
for the long grass spoke in motion everywhere
and opened up a path to those
who dared continue on
deep into the heart of the unknown

Instinctively he knew
that he too just had to move
else all was lost
and this loss of precious, momentary life
became the price of standing still too long
yet too, of simply moving on
without a thought or pause
and so his life became a balance sought
that moved in rhythm with his beating heart
while the wild grasses blew and bent
and naturally led to his descent to paradise
where all he knew seemed swept away
by natural beauty now displayed
below the threshold of this modern world
and he knew beyond a doubt that this was real
when the wild grasses bent and then revealed
this utter love and sweet eternal hope
of all that is most natural in life

In wonder and in awe, he breathed her in
this earth, her breath, the mighty blowing wind
He drank the flow of clear, cold springs
and knew her great remembering
in spans too great to be divided
He slept and found such healing
in moon and stars and galaxies
that all became as it was meant to be
in deep unending indigo
that sleepily allowed the sun
to rise in everything

He rose and dressed and walked the city streets
while wilderness flowed all around
for he had found his one true home
still beating there, within his heart
and this love of life just held him there
rooted in the magic of this earth
whose mighty heart beat meaning
into worth by simply being
and allowing form
its freedom to move on . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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