Free Repetition

The free repetition of energy moving
invisible, the locomotion of the soul
in states of zen-like animation
time slowing in the motion of divinity
as the recent future turns into
the up and coming past
while springtime blooms and fades
light falling in an upward stream
of dreams returning to their source fulfilled

While an air of contentment settles itself
and begins to dream creation
through the course of its destruction
depending always on the heartbeat of the earth
as it powers the mirror of infinite reflection
within the stillness of a living ecstasy;
misty scapes forever unfolding
within the vastness of all white
in this free repetition
of darkness in light
just as the fog rolls in

Listen as the wind expresses
words of whispered fantasies
blowing with a will to be
an utter verity that speaks
within the tone of an emotion
sometimes sweet and subtle
yet others howling with a fierce
and wet, explosive attitude
that somehow soothes the savage
back into a state of innocence again
as it wills the hot and sultry wind
into the chill of all submission

Watch the light that dances
hauntingly between the leaves
emitting hues of melodies
that sing of all the duskiness
the night's descent will bring
dancing lightly, flashingly
upon the rippling waters' waves
merging with the heavy dark of depth
as something waiting there
within the abyss deep and dark
starts to stir to wakefulness

Taste the salty drops of living air
that blow unceasingly in currents
and mighty gusts to bring the grandeur
of the seas back to the shore, where
in the course of all conjunction
each drop begins to make its choice
to melt into the sands, becoming one
or else return, in undertow
back to the realms of all it does not know

Breathe, just breathe
and let the greater body guide
the free repetition of energy's glide
as invisible, the locomotion of the soul
within a state of zen-like animation
slows the motion of divinity itself
light falling in an upward stream
of dreams returning to their source fulfilled
while an air of contentment settles between
and begins to dream itself anew again . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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