Friday Night

Friday night
a new beginning
within these cycles
never ending

a time to just let go
within the flow
of all that is
and focus on the bliss
of just not doing

as tensions unwind
and we finally find
the room to breathe
and just to be

where in silence
one may listen to the wind
that whispers in a sultry voice
reminding us the choice
is always ours

for tonight is the night of soul
when within this ever growing whole
we can finally let go
and dream a new tomorrow

into life beyond the strife
of society's convictions
where every inhibition is set free
and we may ride into eternity
on mares of light
that pierce the night
in their intensity

for it's Friday night
and within the starlight bright
our love awaits


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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