Future's Call

There is a Christmas tree
arranged in loving symmetry
of past within this future that we live
in seeming momentary fashion

White lights blinking on and off
enticing all the steadiness
that an ever-glow of red
brings into being

and memories of love
and loving times in ornaments
solidity of love that's come before
bring back this love
that so oft' seems to move
in realms beyond all time

not just to me
but offered now to all
who stop by to see the wonder
now imagined in my life
for love is here
and love is free
to all who care to be
within this loving unity

that this movement
between red and white
brings into form
here within the in between
incubating, waiting to be born
'tween red and white and green
and you and I

becoming us more surely
in every beat of heart to heart
as horizons open out
to future's call
that lives beyond
in holidays untold . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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