Future's Hold

I step outside
and even this is good
the numbing cold
that sends a chill
right up my spine

and light relieves
the darkness of the night
and the blackness of the days
I live without you

and I wonder where
you've drifted to right now
for it's 4:00 am and still somehow
I cannot sleep

for the rivers running deep
within my soul
would keep me here
awake and aware
of even dreaming

while a vagrant tear
escapes enclosures of the eye
for even in the starlit skies
my love just isn't there

for still he chooses now to share
his fantasy
with those whose base reality
denies the fantasies
of soul

and I search within the skies
for all the reasons why
this might be so

yet still I cannot know
what either of our futures hold
for we humans have a choice
and while I wish we could rejoice
in love newfound

the possibility
that you might choose the limiting
proscribed desires of society
yet still exists

within the mists
of the unknown


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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