Gentle, a Song

How gentle the song of this night
as deity surrounds all mind again
for the angels enter in these weaves
of ever-growing soul's imagining
when doves arise and take to flight
and seem to merge into a unity of form

white winged passion building
and there, a golden horn
that shines so bright
a unicorn is born again to sight
within this darkness of a night
of mystic magic opening
the ivory gates that stand in wait
for just the touch
of one enchanting moment
as he lays her down upon a bed
of wild-flavored clover

Oh, sweet scent of flowers in the air!
impressions to impress all memory
in beginning of archetypal imagery
as the still and quiet air moves in
then out upon a breath
hearts quickening as blood now streams
centering these endless dreams of heart

One heart to have and hold it all
and endless visions to behold
against the stark and startling blues
of never ending hues of living light
glowing softly on this night
gently singing songs
of all that matters . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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