Gentle Intensity

Within this mist, a fire burns
at the core of all creation
as form is born in shadowy realms
where light and darkness meet
within a moment of conception

these motions that will mesh
one soul into another
Sweet the scent
so fresh and pure
of air that makes the fire flare

Clarity arising then
from a great intensity
as feelings move this flesh
beyond the ordinary
undiluted by the weight
of base emotion
rising up and flowing down
penetrating, permeating
producing primal sounds of life
elating and enhancing being

it is then the heart joins in
gentle, as intensity will flare
and a heat as of fire
meets ice that's all around
as moisture becomes motion
once again

Fluid, the movement
moist and slippery
natural and pure
building and relieving
truly being this intensity
until release of all control
is what we know

when spirit lives
and soul arrives
in its totality
as we allow ourselves to be
just what we are

no pretense then
no costumed pose
nor intellect to interfere
for we feel beyond the fear
of mind's illusions
as the mist becomes a lullaby
singing on the breeze
and within us


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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