Goddess of Form

She is
and so she must become
sheer beauty in the form
of all of life

She seeks
her counterpart
to co-create the heart
of all that is becoming
and surely must become reality

She demands no less
than heart become
the very centerpoint
of all that can be seen
where the sight
of variation is conceived

as she dreams the multiples
of counterpoint and co-creation
within the unity
found only in joint ventures
of this creativity

even as she incubates
the all and everything
to bring it to a point
the smallest particle
of life in form
then turns to waves
upon the endless seas

She is intrigued
by mortal flesh
for it seems to intermesh
the high and low
as up above becomes below
in truth of sense unveiled and felt

yet too, she seeks the in between
where lovers bring
two hearts to beat as one
in an ecstasy of form's composure

Endless now, this composition
of symphonies created
in and of this flesh that brings
a sense of immortality
into these mortal forms

yet still, she seeks for him
her one and only
within the endless winds
He - this hidden, nameless deity
to dare to free himself
and sing these songs with her . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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