Goddess of the Moon

Oh, goddess of the moon
that shines so gently in the night
hear my prayer
for it seems there is no one else around
to listen at this hour

I hate to bug you, I really do
yet I know not where to turn
for answers anymore
if not to you

I've done all that they say
I was supposed to do
yet it never worked out
so I went beyond the shoulds and oughts
to find answers to my dilemma
and I've found many of those
and shared them as I may

yet still
my true love, goddess
he is in such pain
and I don't know how to help him
for to feel his pain for him
is not the answer
This much I have learned

So I come to you
in just this moment of time
deep within the night
to seek an answer

Please hear my prayer
oh, Goddess of the realm of shadows
and allow me to see
what others never want to see
that I might help the love
flow free again
not just for me
or just for him
but for all who follow after

for I will share any wisdom
you offer to me
You know I will
I always have
in words and acts
beyond the ordinary

Give to me the words
that might heal
and I pledge to you
I will share them
with all the world
no matter what they are


?Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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