God of Music

Clouds drifting in the sky
billowing cloak of splendor
to adorn an ancient lullaby
and there, among the reeds
a flower blooms
white lotus floating
on this sacred pond
drawn in natural affinity
to the moisture that expands
mere particles of light
to rainbows streaming

His eyes are closed
for his ears are opening
Listen! How unearthly music
floats within the wind
and miracle of miracles
the God of Music enters into him

Aspen leaves are fluttering
adding to these melodies
Orpheus - he plays the strings of heart
Resonance, oh sweetest sound of harmony
whose echoes will rebound
in even small and tiny things
as melodies composed of images
that dream love into life

and there, a poet, long thought gone
glimmers, shimmering in shadows
as light within a darkness
that can't help but to cry out in song

Laurel branches sway within a breeze
dancing to this melody divine
when words began to flow
See there!
They glow upon his fingertips

Suffering in silence ripened
long upon the vines
becoming honey-flavored nectar
that serves no more
tha just to please the tongue

Divine the taste of grapes
that have withstood this transformation
to become more than themselves
simply and completely
fluid that imbues the veins
with nothing less than ecstasy

Sing to me, oh God of heart and soul
for I would know this kiss complete
that makes my feet begin to move
within your circles' symmetry
and we shall dance the day and night away
as poetry and flowing melody unite
and flight of graceful movement
crowns it all with grace

Come be with me, oh poet
and watch as sorrow
turns into the early morning dew
that rises through the air
to reach and touch
a living ray of sun
and together, we will fly as one
through skies of brilliant blues

How is it that we never knew before?
that behind that lonely door
the silence opened out in song
that alters everything

while bellowing, the billowed clouds escape
and hazy mist begins to drape two lovers
moving through each other
deep into the darkness of all night


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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