God's Lullaby

Orpheus stood gently strumming
the sparkling strings upon his lyre
freeing heart within a glow
of free flowing love's vibrations

There were so many though
who stood away
crying tears of yesterday
unable to retain the strength
to move

Yet even these, the many and the few
found peace and comfort
in the song of songs he played
for his golden lyre
had been composed of heart and soul
and breathed now through
the movement of his hands

but there was one
who drew up close behind
and dared reach out and touch
the creative source
of music being played
and otherworldy realms
began to stream through her

Sight and sound and rhythm beating
spoke to her of all that was to come
and why this magic had to fade at times
when pure, clear tears began to run
in streams down from her eyes of silver-blue
because she knew that as the music faded
so would he
and she needed nothing more
than just the magic of his touch
to stay alive

The years went by then, slow and dull
and with them all the many pains
that utter silence bore
yet in sweet echo's memory
still she heard him play now and again
as she prayed for nothing more
than his return

On the worst of nights
when sorrow lay so heavy on her breast
that she could barely breathe
and sleep refused its solace
she would stand
hands clutched around herself
and wonder just which bright and shiny
star within the sky was his

when from the silent skies
a soft sweet lullaby began to hum
that called the wind
to blow her pain away
and ease her cross the threshold
of the gods

and there he stood
his golden lyre alight
strumming her this lullaby
even as he looked into her eyes
and brought immortal, mortal love
in vibrant magic back to life again

Now every child ever born
if they but gaze upon a star
can feel this magic too
echoing through sky's eternity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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