Gone Away

There is a sense of
terribly dark and brutal silence
that comes to stand between us
at times unbearable in its intensity
and seeming insensitivity
for this darkness knows no pain
yet remains the core of all we feel

Memories of sweeter days
become a shell when overused
and fill themselves too full
of every other blind emotion
until love, upon this greater tide
is also swept away

for we abide again
in separateness
by choice, by will
by sheer insanity
and loneliness becomes
the only feel that memory
has left to be

Where once I thought I knew
you loved me
now your actions ring
so loudly in my ears
that I can hardly hear
the words you speak

and so I seek some form
of comfort for myself
beyond the norms
of this society
for my spirit must be free
enough to keep this heart alive

while hope becomes
an echo on the wind
that blows so cold these days
numbing the pain
but not taking away
its enclosures

and faith becomes just one
yet frail thread among the many
for love was here
but now its gone away . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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