The Grace of Autumn

The leaves begin to fall
The summer that just began
is already coming to an end

I watch a small yellow butterfly
who clung to the shore till now
turning fear to bravery
as its end draws near
flying far out over the water

meaning found only beyond
the rational, the safe, the secure

the feeling of joy
for the sake of joy alone

the effort of flapping wings
to reach the ease of the glide
smooth as gentle waves
lapping on the rocks
as the wind shifts its gossamer form

the cadence of invasion
yet no attack

The glance of sunshine, dancing light
a million sparks of jeweled life
beckoning all
to taste the sweetness of its flight
or loll on a gentle swell

like being wrapped in your mother's loving arms
the mother of all caresses calls to us
to accept the peace of unknowing

the air and water mingle
an aroma of freshness in the breeze whispers,
"Come to me.
Ease your weary self.
Relieve your pain.
I am forgetfulness…"

The summer is sweeter
when its end is in sight
as the touch of a loved one in parting

Which has more value
the first or the last?

A gust of air across the water
and millions of sunshine sparkles
stand up and dance
as the butterfly dances on the breeze
joyously, lightly
unburdened in its love of life
by future knowledge

The water is a wall of moving glass
giving glimpses of the treasures submerged
rippling, distorting, enhancing, magnifying
mirroring both sky above and earth below

a natural intoxication
a sacred euphoria
born of love and consciousness

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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