A Greater Hand

One great heart that beats eternal
rhythm of the rhyme
One great song of joy supernal
that sings reality in time

In dead of winter, cold of ice
draining heat of summer's sun
I lie alone, how great the price
of knowing three in one

One flame in place of fire's home
burns tears from eyes now dry
as spirit floats and soul will roam
searching in the snow-swept sky

for a place within humanity
where love can finally be
and two hearts joined in unity
might live as one and be

accepted and accepting all
beyond the doubt, beyond the fall
to walk together, hand in hand
above the clouds, upon the land

far away, yet in the heart
together, always, from the start
on a mountain high
we join the sky
while in the valley low
we become a shimmer, glow

to warm the nights spent all alone
in the vastness of a mountain home
as the dream becomes reality
an ever-living symphony

written by one pen held now
by a greater hand somehow
than ours or theirs could ever be
as gently floating spirit, free

caresses true love's gentle face
and finds its strength within the grace
of deity within divinity
and this spiritual affinity

will move the mountains, shrink the seas
that stand 'tween our eternity
as gently daring, soft caress
drifts to me as our love is blessed

by a being greater than the mind
by the heavens drifting beyond time
that permeate the air we breath
with the love that heaven has bequeathed

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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