Green and Growing Things

A scent of green and growing things
enters into being
within each breath of spring
thus a gift and grace will come to be
and permeate the atmosphere
to feel and sense its way into awareness
through a tapestry composed
of threads spun in a weave
of some mysterious
living force of life's creation

while in this rush of energy arising
upward bound, we take to flight
encompassing this life
that's in between the land and air
struggling to fly higher
than we ever have before
as we feel our way
into a higher order of existence

From the heart of all matter
life lives to move on
in flow and breath and sense
even bruising us, at times
in the rush of its exuberance
as silently, this pain cries out
for awareness of its own
sharp, sometimes amassed
pin-pointing yet another particle
we've somehow missed
in our great search for all that is

Juxtaposed, this love and pain
and there within the loss and gain
lives light that seeks release
even as it taunts and teases
bringing lesser urges to the fore

Focusing, just there
where feeling seems to flow from its beginning
soon or late we come to seek and know
a realm of pure awareness
as accepting all, we come into our own

and like a bird just taking flight
we soar to heights
that invite a greater view
than what we thought we knew
encompassing the earth and more

while there, upon eternal shores
we grasp for greatness
even as we come to realize
our seeming insignificance
within these universal schemes
that dream themselves to life

when suddenly, the wind dies down
and flight becomes a chore
as air becomes the still before a storm
and we land, to find our home resides
right here, within this mortal flesh
where centering, we dive

even as the teardrops fall
(or are they raindrops we absorbed
in our fantastic flight?)
in search of an unending source
a base of life's beginning
so deeper still, we travel on

Instinctive now
the thrill of life in motion
as every sense will come to us at once
born within the scope of this awareness
where suddenly, a touch conveys
much more than just a sense
or moment of unknowing ecstasy

and the scent of green and growing things
becomes a spark divine
that rises once again
and reaching heart
now finds a way to start
to intermesh it all

While here, within the heart
a rhythmic tone will bring
this heartbeat to a voice that sings
awareness into everything we know


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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