What's happening here?
as a momentary glimpse
of fated destiny
suddenly becomes
the very meaning behind life itself

a vision, ever opening out
geyser-like, it spouts
from somewhere deep inside
where soul resides
seeking to become
the spirited and spiritual
true energy of life

What is this overwhelming need
that seeks to speak through me?
that builds into desire
seemingly unspeakable
yet so real this flesh
begins to pulse with life

Sexual, its nature
and yet more
for spirit soars
within the avenues it opens

Perhaps it is the need
of form itself
inspired in the letting go
of intellectual platitudes
that only sink a spirit's mood
into despair

Could it be an intuition, then?
of all that we might be
if once, just once
we allow ourselves to be
the freedom and the freeing
of it all

even while the dark of nighttime falls
blanketing this portion of the world
in dreams awaiting, incubating
each dawn
of every new tomorrow's morn . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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