The Haunting

Haunted by his very soul
That, daunted from becoming whole
affects his every move and action
effects of numinous direction

Moods and feelings long denied
brood until ambition dies
waking him to new dimensions
and breaking role of known conventions

bringing feeling, bare emotion
singing through his evolution
Growth begun with female numen
always stuns the man half human

as waves of feeling overwhelm
to save the helpless conscious realm
from destruction of its own devise
intuition from a soul thatís wise

lifting spirit, sweet sensation
drifting oíer the devastation
brought by logic minus love
sought in spaces up above

brought down in dreams at night, embellished
by soul who sparks the feeling relished
so long outside his sphere of meaning
strong, the inner strength demeaning

rules so often justified
by ruse for ages fructified
that claim the power for the few
now tamed by soul that always knew

the worth and quality left hidden
unearthed when angels came unbidden
to raise unconscious mindís vibration
and praise the heartís evaluation

Invading every waking instance
unfading in time and space and distance
image of a thought divine
unaged, existing out of time

in dimension sought and oftí regarded
as ascension of conscious soul now started
in a haunting
of the mind by spirit

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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