Healing Trend

Strength becomes
a weakness pending
waiting in the wings
to take its place
within the greater schemes
of time and space
yet more than this
within all intellects
that take this life and do no more
than divide it into opposites

Yet the yours and mine
that intellect and strategy conceive
could never come to be
if not for the infinity of ours
that underlies all life
while each extremity
reflects all that can be
when opposites are brought
to just one point
beyond all opposition
or stance of just one half
of any one extremity

Thus ours becomes a balance
ever pending understanding
to bring it to a point of pure perfection
in ever-altering reflection
that only comes within the feeling
of one totality left undefined
forever deemed as love
but this time must be left undivided
and beyond all sense of ownership
as each system
that we think is individual
begins a process of communication
that must reach for honesty
to be complete

An honesty that comprehends
that life must be conceived
without beginning or an end
for life, no matter what the level
consists of even this
the combination of emotions
that ever choose the path we walk
and the meaning underlying all we are
revealed even as we talk
or write of something most consider
else or other than themselves

Yet still, this flow of life
felt as emotion
must run its course
allowed its chance of evolution
as emotions blend
positive with negative
to transcend themselves
becoming something more
each time we love

Just this and nothing more
can heal it all . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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