Heart, Oh Heart

Heart, oh heart
when will this god of intellect
awaken to your beat . . . ?
and arise and take the steps
he needs to take

to dance within a burbling spring
that eases and relieves
the mighty burdens of complexity
that intellect composes
and imposes on us all
and feel, just simply feel
the awesome beauty of the water's fall

then lie in fields of buttercups
to sleep the sleep of innocence again
when like a ray of sunshine streaming
he might tenderly alight upon
the softest dew of all he loves so well
speaking in his movements
within the very breath he takes
living in the love of this reality of form

for She arises then
within, around, about all being
to live within the beat of all in sync
with the vastness of the universe
and glory of the sun and stars and moon
set askance upon the deepest blues of indigo
coming only for the chance to be love too

Look, oh look!
within, between this unity of eyes
new worlds begin to swim
in oceanic depths now brought so high
that every why becomes itself
in strength of joint compassion
and touches, as a lover will
gently, oh so gently tracing
this heavenly form of matter
as spirit descends and ascends

indwelling in the very particles
of this life that intellect alone
can never hope to understand
for it lives beyond and yet within
such great and overwhelming mists
of inspiration's great desire:
ever seeking to be, just merely be itself
in every shape and form of song
that sings itself through composition

while intellect observes
no more than this
simply opening to this experience
of beauty and of grace
found only within time and space
in this totality of love
where give and take become
a flow, an interactive stream
that moves beyond the will of all obstruction

and all that seems to intercede
is swept up in this stream of loving dreams
to find itself at home again at last
within the heart, oh heart, this heart
this beat of syncopated rhythm
moving to become eternity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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