Heat Arising

Feel it now
the heat of spring
arising from the Earth
inundating everything
with value and with worth

What sense is this
that seems to kiss
the virgin lips
of Her remembering?

What memories of Hers
are bringing this completion
into form?

Unsettling, as feeling is unbound
arising to an unknown level
as heart and soul resound in harmony

But feeling what?
Remembering when?
a time before all time was born, it seems
for within this place, this time in space
a great awakening is underway

as Earth in all her glory
arises in pure memory
to tell the story of creation
original, as it reveals truth
unraveling complexities of mind
that seem to seek and find
no more than warring opposition

yet in Her warmth
this tale of life goes on
no matter mind or matter's pun
and always will it be
of life's creation

building on the past
yet letting go of each mistake
for sake of future being born
for mistakes just cannot last
within the greater scope
of Her becoming

and as Her memory resounds
in each and every form
of this greater soul's projection
at last, the heart awakens
flowing with an awesome beauty
with and through the stream
of every heartbeat's opening


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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