Heaven's Gates

A world of marvel, awe awaits
the opening of heaven's gates
as moment by moment the closer we reach
the miracle of touch to teach

the soul of beauty's earthen form
the heart to blossom, be reborn
as onward, ever onward we proceed
in action, turning sweet dreams into deed

I heard your gentle voice today
and knew the calm of loving ways
heart flutters in anticipation
the fulfilling of the excitation

steadying, my heart will learn to trust
in love's reality, it must
as I become the heart of you
in this ever-living dream come true

and you, in turn, the heart of me
loving, we are both set free
to sing, to dance, to play, to be
the reality of reverie

Never have I heard three words so true
as when you whispered gently "I love you"
a breath that carries on eternally
the dream at base of all reality

Sunlight, and starshine and moonbeams and you
on top of the world, clouds drift in deep blue
aura of the nighttime sky
while grounded in the flesh, we fly

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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