Heavenly Bodies

Oh, beloved star
once thought to be
adrift within the skies
your soul is telling me
that you are coming home
to alight within this flesh
these very particles and cells
of soul's ascension within form

I hear your heart now
beating strong and steady
in a beat that must repeat itself
through all eternity
for love is so much more
than any memory imagined

Beloved, I am here for you
no matter what you say or do
for you are the meaning
of all light to me
and oh, these bodies, heavenly
descend into ascension
within this blend of you and I
falling from the skies
to abide within
our touch of flesh on flesh

While this love of ours, sublime
makes time and space respond
wihin one moving beam
of sunshine singing
through this endless night of time
and too, right through
the stormy winter skies
as nature, oh so wise
arises once again in total being

For all that is above,
the stars and all the galaxies,
this spin that reels the planets all about,
is found again within
these hearts that open
so completely in a stream
of the intimate of all infinity
and then it seems that closure
must at last become complete

Just as a star
oh, one beloved star
decides to shine again
and stardust can be seen
within the feel of everything
while being utters
moaning, groaning
growling once again
to simply bring its voice
in tones of love to all of life

Ah but then, the utter singing
of the bliss of all this harmony
as one comet trails
into the universal mists
found within a silvery kiss
just gently touched with golden hues
resounding through the air, the earth
burning in a fiery theme
of dreams that somehow
just must come to be

For these heavenly bodies burn
untamed, in deep desire
and come to meet each other
within a loving unity
as the source of all sensation
bleeding, oh so awesomely
comes once again
into a form of utter being

Divine this sense
of flesh on flesh
and thee . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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