Heaven's Doors

Family, loved ones, safety, warmth
houses that never quite feel like home
extended family that are not quite kin
so still our spirit searches

through feelings of desertion and betrayal
within the pain of abandonment
the fear of death and the unknown
in darkness that seems void of life

not knowing what we search for
only knowing this
that until we find it
we cannot be complete

the journey seems endless
and rest illusive
yet something inside of us
keeps pushing us on

to find what?
to go where?

to a heaven that would take us
from all we know and care about
and keep us separated
unable to break through
unable to continue
to touch all that we love.?

That is the answer
presented to us
by history, by creed
but faith has waned
and spirit spoken

We need a new myth
that integrates deity and its creation
rather than separates us from our source
and destroys this primal bond

in some ways we are already creating it
through science and mind and culture
in networks and connections
that keep the spirit moving

heard ever more distinctly
seen ever more clearly
felt ever more deeply
even at great distances

And the outer world was built
as a reflection of the inner
yet the shadows make it hard to see
what has been there from the beginning

intricate connections
woven of love and deep commitment
a love that never ends
a commitment that is eternal
that of soul becoming

Thoughts that travel through time
move by emotion
through channels of the patterns' weaves
and change the course of destinies

while tunnel vision
opening out
becomes a vision
of all that is
that ever was
that might in future be
within this mighty tapestry

and light comes into being
as we take yet one more step
into the great unknown
to find that heaven's doors
lay open wide
right here inside
our hearts

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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