He knew
 every step of the way
 every choice that he made
                                         he knew

                                                   He knew

 no more excuses to be made
 no more scapegoat to be blamed
                                         he knew

                                                    He knew it intimately

 the pain he so deftly passed on
 in place of love to fill the need
                                         he knew

                                                    He knew it casually

 like an old acquaintance
 relived yet one more time
                                         he knew

                                                    He knew so well

 the guilt that plagued his over burdened soul
 and reveled in his twisted victory
                                         he knew

                                                    He knew, beyond redemption's cause

 the hellfire and damnation that is preached
 and clutched revenge in misery
                                         he knew

                                                    He knew

 he victimized the innocent
 and tread a path of darkened days
                                         he knew

                                                    He knew

 while rejecting understanding,
 knew the price, the pain, the pity
                                         he knew

                                                    He knew I felt

 his rage, his pain, his helplessness
 despair instead of sustenance
                                         he knew

                                                    and he knew

 I would forgive him every travesty
 when all was said and done
                                                        Somehow - he knew

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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