My heart is breaking
I seem helpless to stop it
no matter good intentions that began
this love I never planned
to have an end

Yet a gross miscalculation
throws the mind into sensation
as it reels from the blow
of your departure

and dreams once sweet
become complete exhaustion
for you refuse to feel
the enormity of what you call unreal
in fields overwhelmed by your emotion

as you hide behind your intellect
and keep your upright pose
so that no one will suppose
you're torn in two

and follow the course
that leads to remorse
without blinking an eye
yet the stars in the sky

are covered in clouds
that would gladly weep with you
if only you would feel
their sympathy

as a gift of loving grace
instead of a disgrace

but society's values
still stand in the way
of the love you crave today

and my heart is breaking
as I helplessly await
a judgement
that was never ours to make


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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