Her Response

Waves lapping on the silent shore
speak in cycles ever moving
awakening a rhythm in the ear
that most may never hear

It beats in sync with heart
so great it moves e'en galaxies
within its vibratory flows

Listen, can you hear the starlight sing?
lullabies of Her remembering
sound moving on these waves of love
that pour forever from Her heart

and something new and so astounding
is created in these wavelike forms of air
impossible to capture in a glance
yet if we stare
unfocused into everything at once

just there - a point of light becomes
an echo and a scent, a sound
as a new beat of Her heart rebounds
barely here, yet resonate in its becoming

seeking in the very essence of its being
form to culminate
all She dreams that it might be
now wound within proclivities
intensifying density in its approach

and in this sudden shift of our awareness
the wind is known to change its course
as fantasies of possibility come into play
in this day, this hour
this point within a wave
this momentary movement
containing and retaining power
of Her deliverance
as yet another seed
asleep beneath the silent snow
cries out for life
a chance to live and grow
and She responds . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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