Her Symphony

Lost, the time when earth was young
and sang her song in innocence among
the universal beings of beginning
but eons pass yet once again to spring

Or is it really that we can no longer hear?
her song of life still playing sweet and clear
until this spring, in all its glory
wakes to tell her age old story

of growth, no longer incubating
earth's harmony creating
an ambiance that no one can deny
hearts open even as the tears are cried
for pain of birth still worth the cost
and love that's gained can ne'er be lost

while each gentle touch becomes a memory
to base another loving touch upon
as tears of sympathy are spun
into amazing new tomorrows

For still, she weaves her patterns through us all
Love beckoning, we hear her silent call
upon the wind that knows no time
as letting go, the mind unwinds
complexity unraveling
in these, our days of spring

when all we want and all we need
is found within a tiny seed
that dares to grow
and growing, dares to show

that eternity in all its splendor
dreams Her form as she remembers
each moment, each experience
of being in this universal dance

of life, insistent, ever moving
and love, the balm, entranced
now soothing night into the dawn
when once again her song

sings upon the sunbeams trailing down
while stars of night become her wedding gown
reflected and reflecting light
glowing soft, then burning bright

fading in the light of day
yet, past the sun, they play in silent fantasy
while mind, in its complacency
still seeks for understanding

even as the spring, alive, demanding
plays Her symphony
and love, the tone of harmony
goes on . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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