The Highest Love

People helping one another
a community of love begun
One family with earth as mother
while many now become the one

and goodness gathers strength unfettered
by how it ought to be
while love is growing, heart untethered
beating with the heart of earth so free

I was welcomed by this life's abundance
me, the way I am, no more
to earn a mountain's deep acceptance
to find the courage to restore

peace. And the sun breaks through the heavy clouds
while on the distant peak a mist still shrouds
the pinnacle of life lived well
as coursing down the rocks, the river fell

and with the water quickly flowing by
forest suckles nourishment on high
while wisdom, keen and ever poignant truth
awakens hearts of even distant youth

to heal the world, in a subtle, secret way
and open hearts long closed to mystic sway
inspired by the awesome beauty found
in elven valley's sweet and silent sound…

? Michaelette ?


Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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