His Approach

He approaches her
in gentle stillness
and there within his aura
flow the colors of his love
alive in soft, sweet pastel hues
lightening the deeper blues and reds
that seem too deep

He approaches her as if
she were a fawn about to flee
yet held in place
by an ardent curiosity
that says perhaps
she ought to come to know
this loving soul
a little better

He takes her hands in his
and somehow she rises higher
to stand there straight and tall
heart to heart and eye to eye
as a silent lullaby begins
to play upon the wind

this harmony enhancing
the celestial melodies of life in motion
to rise and fall, crescendo to glissando
flowing through the all and everything
even as it sings right through
the two of them

Gently now, he cups
her face within his hands
and looks into her eyes
where every glowing star
within the nighttime skies
shines in reflection 's wonder

Magnetically, their lips
are drawn to touch
as love begins to flow between
the touch of lip and tongue
while energy in currents
begins to rise and fall in flows
through and with and in them
like a waterfall
that then ascends again

and two heartbeatss
now are heard
to beat as one
just as the sun
breaks into the many colors
that gather once again
within each dawn
and rise again and set again
this time within
the sanctity of inner rounds

for two forms touch
for one eternal moment
when this is all there is
just this
their kiss . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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