How Does It Beat?

What is it you do differently these days?
that causes every other
just to run from you in fear
of all the agony you bear
so deep inside

How is it that you used to love?
clear and straight
right from the heart
and share that love
unaltered by your fear
and all your angry attitudes

When did you stop?
just letting yourself love another
totally and so completely
that both of you became
inutterably better
within a unity of two
that never knew they were apart

Where are the many pieces
of yourself that you have lost?
that once helped you flow so free
you'd sense another's need
just as your own
back in those days
when you were moved from inside out
and your emotions were your strength
rather than a detriment to you

Who was it you believed?
that led you so astray
far from the path your soul had set
in days of fated destiny
when dreams became belief
and then reality
as faith took hold of strength of soul
and you marveled at the beauty of creation

How does it beat
this heart of yours
through all the many years
of its denial . . . ?


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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