How Poignant

How poignant -
these great moments of remembering
as all that came before, arises once again
within this evermore of loving ways;
yet now somehow enhanced
in ways that seem to be past definition.

How sweet and how complete -
this love that lives beyond all time,
chiming out in harmony
upon great waves of endless air
that simply seek to share this life we live,
this love we give, we take, we share.

We're drifting away on a tide of delight
and reaching for those airy heights
where love is born of just one seed
of blind belief that grows into
the base of all eternity;
as, one-on-one, we dance, we glide
through waves that supercede all altercation.

For you and I are meant to be
as one, my love, just one
pure hint of love's eternity
within these mortal forms;
and gladly will we be
the proof of all infinity
alive and well
and loving through and through.

How poignant, future taking form
built upon sweet moments
of remembering this love, our love
one love that lasts
through all eternity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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