Human Hearts

Within these links and interconnections
that worldwide become our new reality
our capacity for love can be enhanced
expanding now in all awareness

for here, the very differences
that used to cause division
can be woven in a pattern
of the purest comprehension
of the soul

as each voice of truth arises
in its power and its glory
to tell the tales and stories
of all life's deliverance from pain
and truly, all we share
is what we gain

as we find that true communication
must always flow both ways
mind to mind and heart to heart
within this interplay of soul arising

while even here
within this space and place
that seems so sacred in our isolation
friends become the compensation
for all that life in time endured
when time and mind were in ascension

as the distance once created
by an intellect that we must reach beyond
descends into the very cells of flesh
that are no more, no less
than our composure

for we live and love
one moment at a time
even as we reach
now world-wide
for all that life, in love
must have in common

and we share this realm
of all emotion's wisdom
honestly and from the heart
yet flowing through the mind to start
an ever-rising evolution
and thus the revolution

found only in the loving tide
that these very human
hearts of ours create . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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