I Come To You

Every step we take on the path to completion
is a victory over the competition
of those who would try to hold us back
with love we'll fill their every lack

Each step taken by your side
in ecstasy we cannot hide
will be a step toward the unknown
No longer will we walk alone

Some days we stroll among soft clovers
some days the sky will cover over
brightest sun with rolling clouds
in silence shall we cry aloud

Some days we trudge through mud soaked fields
to find the treasures earth will yield
Whether the steps are easy or hard,
over ground that's green or stone that's marred

each step is a step to victory
yet with each step you'll see
I come to you, love, naked and exposed
I come to you and you enclose

all my strengths and all my weakness
Joining, we become completeness
as I give myself to you
unconditional and true

I carry the scars of battles past
I come to feast at your repast
I carry with me all my dreams,
given wings to fly, we scheme

as only true lovers can dream
and we flow in love's eternal stream
for ever and always are part of us now
and love will lead us, show us how

to be

I come to you with
A heart that loves you
A mind that admires you
A spirit that longs for you
A soul which cherishes you

I receive you with the love of all I am
heart open and beating for you
blood pulsing and screaming for you
mind scheming and dreaming of you
spirit dancing and singing for you
soul reaching and touching just you

We will walk together, away from the insanity
and leave behind the vanity
of those who know not how to be
within this stream of love so free

We will dance and sing and fly together,
We will reach and touch and be forever
the light we have sought all our lives
for you and I will shine so bright

the gods themselves will cry aloud
dispersing every cloud
releasing mist of silver lining
in particles of moisture shining

We will love each other, you and I
and loving, we will fly
to a new world now created
decreed by higher powers, fated

I will die within your arms
be reborn within your charms
Inside you as the sun awakens
flowing through the shadows, taken

to the heart of all that is
in this infinite moment of bliss
as you and I become just one
we give birth to one more sun

to shine upon new worlds spun
as you and I become as one

David & Michaelette

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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