This identity
that we search so endlessly to find
in sensation and the mind
does it even exist
in the heavenly realms
beyond time?

For time, you see
is an illusion of the mind
created once upon a time
to ease the stress
of all that we need to digest

and yet now
as our focus turns too often
to time that once brought comfort
we come so near the breaking point

where time is blown away
that here within the day
of time's demise
we wonder, lost in nether worlds

of heart and soul
through dimensions of the whole
simply seeking home
to ease the fear

of the unknown that draws so near
to life in time
only to find
ourself alone
within the shadows
born of light that plays
with form and shape
with time and space
seeking its identity
in us


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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